Balrog 2.1


Continuing with LOTR, I decided on the balrog. The Extended DVDs helped a lot for design as I was working from the movie's balrog. In the movie, the Balrog does not have regular wings, but skeleton wings. The only model I knew of with this kind of wing structure was Satoshi's angel, so I tried to graft that into my model. This model was folded from 10" Japanese foil and stands 1.5" tall.

Initially in the design of this model, I used the body of Satoshi's Ancient Dragon, but this created many problems: the toes and fingers are too small, the tail and neck were too long and there was an extra point extruding from the base of the tail that was unwanted and wasteful. I found that I could solve these problems by turning the orientation of the toes, creating a much cleaner model. The reference point on the bottom edge is found by folding point (0,1/8) to point (3/4,0) assuming the square is of length one on the coordinate plane.

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