Gargoyle 2.2


A long time has passed since I last addressed the subject folding matter of a gargoyle, and I presently came back to the subject with a greater experiance in origami design. I thus was able to ask myself what I wanted out of this model besides appendages and wings. First, I wanted claws and longer appendages, as version 1.1 had very tiny, almost non-existent hands. Very similar to a balrog in most respects, I chose in this model to focus on the head and body structure instead of detailed wing skeleton. I also wanted this model to hold together without foil and be easier to fold. The posture was also taken into account when designing; I did not need particularly lengthy legs, as a gargoyle is usually in a crouching stance. This model was folded from a 25" square of gold-tinted non-foil paper acquired from a Binders art supply shop.

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