Duck 1.3


Last year, I took a Modern America history course taught by the headmaster of my high school. While studying post WWII America, he made a valiant effort, perhaps in vain, to revive the word "ducky" into current, everyday speech. I thought the idea quite ducky myself, and thus tried my very hardest to spread this uprooted word. To my dismay, I was distraught to find that most people would not except the apparently radical change inherent in such a renewal, and I thus laid to rest my revolutionary spirit.

This year, I promised to fold a duck for my headmaster. I finally got around to folding one. Then my mind naturally drifted back to the spread of this sensational word. It occurred to me that, through you, the person reading these lines, you too could help preach the "ducky-ness" inherent in the world. Tell everyone you know of this revived epidemic, so as to duckify our lives and make the world much more positive a place.

This model was folded from 24" paper of unknown source making a duck that stands 6.5" tall.

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